Won't Be Coming Back

Appears on: The Infamous Stringdusters

(Capo 3rd)

Intro (chords like verse)

I left my home and family - G D
To seek my fortune fair - D Am
I went north into a city - D G
But I didn´t find it there - C D

Met a million women - D Am
No two were the same - G C
If I had only met the one - D G
That I´d let have my name - C D

On a lonesome desert highway - G D
My best things planned did fail - D Am
I put my faith in a woman - D G
And I wound up in jail - C D

Though she was a-holding - D Am
And I chose to take the blame - G C
I was in and she was gone - D G
I loved her just the same - C D

Solo (same as verse)

I´ve seen a lot of countries
And I moved from place to place
I don´t remember names
But I can´t forget her face

There's not a place that I been to
That I could call my home
An´ I can´t hope to settle down, down
Seems I´m meant to roam

All those years spent searching for something - Am G D
Goin´ around the bend - D G C
All I ever wanted - D G Am
Was to see her again, yeah - C D

On the gulf of California
I slept out on the sand
Drove a coastal highway
I drive them all again
And if you aim to find me
I'll be out on the track
This may be the last you see of me
No, we won´t be coming back
No, she won´t be coming back