Written By: Travis Book
Appears on: Silver Sky 

Capo on 2

Intro.:  (D) x 6

(D)Holding the fire, standing in the (G)rain
(D)Eyes of desire, close to (G) the flame
(Em)Nothing can be done to change their (D)minds

(D)Out in the dark, far beyond the (G)light
(D)Home is with the stars, out of (G)the sight
(Em)Nothing can be done, to make them (D)stay

(Em)Here and (F#m) then (A)they're gone (Bm)
How long (A) until (G) they (Bm)go
How long (A) until (G) they (Bm)know
(A) All they (G)need to (D)fly, rockets (A)to the (G)sil-(A)ver (Bm)sky

Inst.:  |(D)  |2/4(D) |4/4(G)  |(G)  |(D)  |2/4(D) |4/4(G)  |(G)  |
      |(Em)  |2/4(Em) |4/4(D)  |(Em)(F#m)|(Bm)  |(Bm)  |

(D)If I had the chance to do it all a-(G)gain
I'd (D)follow every stream, fearless (G)like them
Let (Em)everything be done, in it's own (D)time

Don't (Em)worry (F#m)if it's (A) wrong (Bm)
How long (A) un-(G)til I (Bm)go
How long (A) un-(G)til I (Bm)know (A)all I (G)need to (D)fly
Rocket (A)to the (G)silver (Bm)sky, (D)rock-et (A)to the (G)silver (D)sky

Outro.:  |(D) |(D) |(D) |(D)(A)|(G) |(G) |(G) |(G) |
         |(Bm)(A)|(Em)(C#m)|(Bm)(A)|(F#m)(D) -----