You Can't Stop the Changes

Appears on: The Infamous Stringdusters

Verse: 1

E                    G              D
Well I wish it was a sunny day, the clouds they follow me

D                           Gm               E
Confusion rolls like a fog, making it hard to see

D                              G         D
And coming to conclusions just isn’t my forte

D                            Gm                E
Let it all wash over me, and leave it where it lay


   D                A           D                 A
So keep that wind a blowing and let the rain pour down
D            A                 D           E
Let that old winding road keep bouncing me around

Cause you can't stop the changes and I don’t know why you try

So let the song keep playing, playing till I die

Verse 2:

Said I just keep on a moving, try learning by degrees

I keep the clothes upon my back and a dobro on my knees

And if you want to sit and talk awhile, I might do some talking to

I can’t claim to know too much but what I say is true


         E             A        E             A
Bridge:  Time keeps on growing, love keeps on growing