Tears of the Earth

Appears on: Silver Sky

E Intro 4 bars

E  A  E
I've known rivers ancient and deep
E  A 
Seen the ripples in the moonlight
And the secrets they keep
E  A  E
Rushing like a torrent and carving the land
D  A  E
Picking up trees The stone and the sand

E  A  E
And the cities of Man grow up from the ground
E  A  E
They grow up so tall where the river runs down
E  A  E
Paris to London, Boston, New Orleans
D  A  E
From the heartland of Dixie out to the seven seas

Like the Tears of the Earth
D  E
The rivers they run
Comin down from the mountain
E   B
In the bright morning sun
E  A  E
Where I clean my soul and get carried away
D  A  E
Let me stay in the valley by the river one more day

I remember a place, where mountains divide.
And I stood at the edge of the canyon so wide
I saw so many years, ten thousand before
and it will carve out the land, for ten thousand more


When the first light of dawn heats up the dew
And the drops shine like diamonds where sunlight shines through
My heart can rest if just for a while
And my tired feet can walk for another mile


Transcribed by: JD Roberts