It'll Be Alright

Appears on: Things That Fly

E                     B         E
I always thought that you would fly
E                      B
Sail away and learn to ride
A                                  C#m
But you're waiting for a change in time.
E             A       E       C#m            B  E 
Take a train, catch a flight, go ahead it'll be alright

E               B      E
No one that you owe it to
E                          B            
You'll do what you want to do
A                       C#m
Start the car and leave tonight
E              A        E  C#m                  B  E 
Go ahead it'll be alright, still be here, it'll be alright

E                  B    E
Drive out past the city lights
E                      B
Watch the day turn into night
A                           C#m
You'll be feeling better by midnight
E                 A       E       C#m            B  E 
Winding road will make it right, go ahead it'll be alright

C#m                   B                  A
What is past is done, no use holding on, don't look back
C#m                     B                        A
That old house is gone, the ground it rested on, turn out that light
E                     B  E  
Don't look back it'll be alright


E                     B    E
Take the chances when they come
E                           B
Don't wait for something or someone
A                           C#m
You hate to miss a chance at life

E              A     E     C#m                  B  E  
Go ahead it'll be alright, take a chance, it'll be alright