Road to Boulder

Appears on: Road to Boulder EP

G                    D             
I got lost on my way home
Am                         C        
Path was dim that once had shone
Like a dog lookin for a bone
My head was spinning 'round

So I took my nose up to the wind
And get a sense of where I'd been
Looking down that path of sin
Is always hard to do

                    D                Am     C
If I don't take the road to Charlottesville
              G                      D
I'll take the one that's a little colder
                 Am     C
Where the air is clear
That road to Boulder

My gal's got a heart of gold
When she looks at me you know I'm sold
I hope she's with me when I'm old
I can't do it on my own

And if I'm leving Tennessee
I know she'll come and go with me
I guess I'll miss that dogwood tree
But I want ot see those mountians



So I'll take a walk where the river bends
Wave goodbye to a couple friends
I'll visit Earl and Madison
And then be on my way

I can't wait to see that big old sky
Maybe see the stars at night
And I'll be getting mighty high
Reach that mountain town


Transcribed by: Dan W