Let It Go

Appears on: Let It Go

Capo 4

Without capo: A=C, D=F, G=Bb

What you doin', where you goin'
Tossed by the winds that are blowing
G             A    D
High time you went inside
For a long time I've been trying
Even thought that I was a-flying
G            A      D
High time to let it go

If it's worry, you can feel it
For the things you can't control
G             A    D
Hey, it's time to let it go
If you think you can make a difference
And the fire is in your soul
Go ahead and take your stand and
G                 A      D
If you can't then let it go
G          A      D
Yeah, just let it go

If the path that you are taking
Ain't the one you wanna be makin
Step back and look inside
If you stumble on the gravel
Find another road to travel
Take a chance and let it go
Yeah, just let it go

Hey, just let it go

Transcribed by Dan W.