Hit Parade of Love

Written By: Jimmy Martin


 A                         D
From what I’ve been a hearin’ you, you’ve really got it made
 E                          A
You’ve got a lot of fellas on your lovers’ hit parade
 A                                                 D
And if I can’t be your number one, well I don’t know what I’ll do
 E                                        A
I wanna be come up to the top, I’m so in love with you

E                          A
On the hit parade of love, I know I’ll never stop
B7                                                  E
I’ve got a long, long way to climb before I reach the top
A                                               D
But, if I do get there soon I’ll really have it made
E                         A
Then I’ll know I’m number one on your lovers’ hit parade

Now it’s you heart I’m after dear
Cause you’re so nice and kind
Another one to take your place would sure be hard to find
So put your arms around me and be my turtle dove
Then I’ll feel like I’m number one on your hit parade of love


Now if we work together like all good lovers should
We can make a go of it everything will turn out good
We will have so much fun we’ll really have it made
Then I’ll know Im number one on your lovers’ hit parade


Optional: You can capo 2, and use G, C, D, and A.