All That I Can Take

Written By: Andy Thorn
Based on live rendition 2/13/2013 Durango

I've had all that I can take
Gave all that I can give
Can't stand another day
        G             D       
I don't know if I can live
This world's got the best of me
And I'm fighting be free
         C        G     D        
And it's time for me to drive
          C        G     D       
Yeah it's time for me to drive

I've been Rocky Mountain high
And I've been Death Valley low
From Virginia down to Texas
My speed it never slows
The past is in my mirror
Don't call 'cause I won't hear ya
Cause I'm bound for Mexico
Yes I'm bound for Mexico

Yeah when I get to Mexico
I'm headed straight down to the coast
Where the waves meet the shore
That's where I'll face my ghost
And only time will tell
If I'd end up in a cell
But I can't go back again
No I won't go back again

I won't tell you what I did
Won't say just what I seen
There are things that I've been through
Make any man turn mean
To save you all some strife
I'm about to take my life
Yeah I bid this world goodbye
Yes I bid this world goodye

Transcribed by: Dan W.